Terms Of Design

I will always be very good with communication so if there is ever a longer then normal wait time I will be sure to let you know. Please be aware that this is just an estimate of how long you'd have to wait.
I will keep a list of clients up so you can always see where you are qued on the list.

Payments should be made with a valid credit card using PayPal ONLY. Before submitting your deposit you are agreeing to these terms. I expect your design order form to be place within 1 week of your deposit being made, if after this time I do not hear from you I reserve the right to move onto another client without refund of the deposit you made. Designs must be paid in full before the process will begin.

Due to the nature of my company, The Apple Of My Eye Designs will not be able to refund any deposits or payments that have already been paid in full for any reason.

Like I said, I will try my hardest to communicate as much as possibly throughout the design process. All communication will be conducted via email. I ask that you please check your email often so if I have a question about your design it can be answered quickly and the design process can stay on track.
If you fail to communicate with me, I have to put other designs on hold while I'm waiting and that will make everyone have a negative experience.

Once I have begun the design process if you fail to answer any emails I send you within a week period I will move your name to the end of my list (no matter how long it may be) so I can move forward with another client. If I do not hear from you for a total of two weeks I reserve the right to remove your name from my que completely, drop the design and no refunds will be given.

All designs are property and copyright of The Apple Of My Eye Designs and are protected under the Fair Use and Commercial Use Copyright Protection Act. By purchasing a blog makeover, you, the client, have been given the right to display a design by The Apple Of My Eye Designs on your blog. With that being said you do not have rights to edit or alter the design in any way. Although my designs will be places on your website I still own the original design and it may not be tampered with.
I give you the right to add/edit any gadgets or posts on your blog but you may not share, alter, or copy any part of your blog design (IE: graphics). If at any time you choose to edit, remove, or replace any elements from your custom design, you must remove all elements designed by The Apple Of My Eye Designs and reset your templete completely.
You may not edit any graphics from design I made or hire another designer to create coordinating graphics for a design done by The Apple Of My Eye Designs. If you would like to have your design updated, please contact me at appledesigns{at}gmail{dot}com. I keep all designs on my computer for a period of 6 months. After this time no changes can be made due to all elements being deleted from my computer.

You are allowed to have 1 (one) revision. I will submit the final design to you and if at that time are not safisfied with something I will try my best to fix it. Anything else after that I will charge $25/hour to make any further alterations to your blog design.
This is due to the fact I have other clients waiting for their designs as well and if I have to keep fixing your design it's holding off production of theirs.

Every time a design is created, credit has to be given to The Apple Of My Eye Designs. I will place my designer button linking back to this site, along with a text link at the bottom on your blog. The button must remain in the sidebar and the text must remain at the bottom of any blog design done by The Apple Of My Eye Designs. You may relocate the button within the sidebar of your homepage (it may not be placed on a alternate "links" type page), but may not remove completely or alter this button in any way.

I make all my designs using a digital kit, primarily from Scrap Orchard. As per the Terms of Use on the site they are purchased from, I cannot share these files with you, and they will only be used for your blog. You will recieve a seperate invoice for the cost of the kit and I will then purchase the files to start your blog design.

If you would like to be put on a waiting list then your non-refundable deposit must be made first. The prices are $15 (for the small package) or $28 (for the large package) and it is to be paid via PayPal. I can either place you on the waiting list accordingly or if you have a specific month you'd like your design started I can que you in for that time period.